ProQuant US30 strategies (€50/trade)

Check the exact position size we use for all ProQuant strategies to have the same trading results:

Position size overview

P&L 6 July '20:  €-25.71  (-2.71%)



dyme BUY 3,72 STOP_LOSS
gatsby BUY -6,16 STOP_LOSS
gatsby BUY 11,3 TAKE_PROFIT
hexo BUY -2,69 EXIT_RULE
obsidian BUY -4,02 STOP_LOSS
obsidian BUY -1,32 STOP_LOSS
phenomic BUY -5,85 EXIT_RULE
phenomic SELL -8,69 STOP_LOSS
python BUY -5,03 STOP_LOSS
zircon SELL -3,86 STOP_LOSS
zircon BUY -3,82 STOP_LOSS
prideofwilson SELL -9,94 STOP_LOSS


Before you start following any of the strategies: Only trade with money you can afford to lose. If you trade with too big of a size, it will mess up your emotions.

All strategies are based on technical analysis. Technical analysis does not always work. The market is heavily manipulated.

Setup ProQuant

How to setup your own trading bot with ProQuant? Read this:

Setup ProQuant

Saturday, December 05, 2020 knoeioei Weekly P&L 112533
Weekly report - Week 49 ( 1 Dec - 4 Dec '20)

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